At Cheaters & Broken Hearts, there’s only me, and my name is Kitten. That’s Peej in the photo with me back in September of 2010. She left me to go to Heaven on September 26th of 2014. I’m still trying to learn to cope and to learn how to live without my baby, my best friend in the world. (In case you’re wondering, ‘Peej’ is short for P.J., and P.J. is short for Precious Jackson.)
I’ve studied psychology independently for years (meaning I don’t have a degree), especially with regard to relationships.  However, I’ve come to realize that while understanding the psychology of people’s actions is important, it can’t compare to the knowledge gained by one’s own experiences. 
I might be somewhat unusual in that I have seen infidelity from all points of view, beginning in my childhood. I saw and knew of  cheating in my immediate and extended families. When I was in school and in my twenties (and in abusive relationships), I had unfaithful partners with whom I was unfaithful. I had my first experience as ‘the other woman’ when I was only 16 years old and was the play toy for a teacher at my high school. I seemed to be a magnet to cheaters.
I was involved in love triangles on and off for much of my life. For that reason, I have some understanding of all sides of the issue, and I can assure you that there is pain all around–not only for the one who has been ‘cheated on.’
I decided to create this site because at times when I was suffering because of a ‘love triangle,’ I couldn’t find a site like this, where people could share experiences, feelings, and thoughts about what they were going through. I wanted to ask people who didn’t know me for their opinions about what I was experiencing, but I didn’t have that option. I want to give you that option. And I decided to write the Cheaters & Broken Hearts book because I wanted to give even more in-depth help to my readers. 

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to reply to the many messages I receive through this site, so if you want more than what you can find here on the site, the Cheaters & Broken Hearts book is now available!
It’s important for people to have support when they are in a painful and/or stressful situation, especially when it can be life-altering. I hope that by creating this site, I can share my insight into the love triangle, and give some meaning to my own suffering. If I can help someone, then my pain (and the pain I unfortunately helped create) can be more than just a lot of bad choices and bad memories. I can consider it training for this mission… to help you heal.

I’ve added a new forum to this site! It will be a great place for us to get together and ‘talk’ about the issues we’re facing, so please help me get it going by posting a few comments. Thank you! 
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