The Cheaters & Broken Hearts ebook is live on Amazon! The cover of the book (above) is linked to the Amazon ebook page. Cheaters & Broken Hearts is also available on Smashwords in all ebook formats. It’s also available in paperback from Amazon! 

​Thanks for all your support, friends! It’s because I feel so bad about not being able to communicate with each of  you individually that I knew I had to write this book, giving you even more helpful information and suggestions on how to heal and feel better!

I appreciate each and every one of you, and I hope and pray that you will soon be in a better place emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and even physically, if that’s what it takes for you to heal.

If you buy the book and you like it, PLEASE review it for me! I know that not everyone will like it, and I’ll probably get a lot of angry people criticizing me for not hating ‘the other woman.’ But this book (like this site) is not about hating—it’s about healing. Remember that. And even if I do get some haters reviewing the book, that’s okay. Controversy creates buzz, and buzz creates sales. 

It would be nice to make back some of the money I’ve spent on this website. Since I published it in May of 2011, I’ve spent about $1000 keeping the site up. That’s a lot of money just to try to help people, but that’s how passionate I am about trying to make up for some of my mistakes. This website and book are the lemonade I’m making from my lemons! ; )

I’ve published a novel entitled KEEPING SECRETS and its sequels, KEEPING SECRETS II and KEEPING SECRETS III.
The story has no connection to infidelity, but many of my readers have expressed interest in the book, so I wanted to provide the link to those who might want to read it.

KEEPING SECRETS is available in all formats of e-book on Kindle is also available on It’s a psychological thriller with a very sexy edge… 

WARNING: Contains adult subject matter that some may find disturbing, including domestic violence and sexual battery. This is a very dark story about survival–two damaged souls who find love after both being abused. 

A tormented man, Greg Parker, is obsessed with a woman he raped 16 years ago but hasn’t seen since then. Over the years, he transforms himself from Johnny Moretti, the skinny geek and rapist, into a very attractive and manipulative man, not even recognizable to himself. 

The woman, Abbie Kolbeck, is haunted by the memory of her rapist, someone she trusted. When he contacts her after all those years, she’s drawn to him, believing the familiar feeling between them means their union is fate. She has no idea she’s falling for her rapist.

After a whirlwind romance, Abbie finds that Greg is being investigated for the murder of his best friend and the friend’s girlfriend. And after a not-so-gentle session in bed, she realizes that he’s the man she forgave for raping her so long ago. 

Abbie wants to believe Greg’s denials, but she’s torn between her feelings for him, and her desire to protect her daughter and herself from a man the police are telling her is a murderer. 

The book is getting great reviews, so check it out! I hope you enjoy it!

The sequel, KEEPING SECRETS II: No More Skeletons, is now available in ebook at all your major ebook distributors, including and KSII is also available in paperback on

WARNING: Contains adult subject matter that some may find disturbing, including domestic violence and sexual battery. This is a very dark story about survival–two damaged souls who find love after both being abused. ​
Everyone is saying it’s better than the first book, and I agree! It’s a white-knuckle, rollercoaster ride of a dark romance that will keep your stomach in knots until the last page! 

That’s right—Greg is back! Abbie hopes her promise not to tell the police about the murders, as long as Greg stays away, will keep her and her family safe. But not even his fear of going to prison for murder could keep Greg away from Abbie. This time, however, it’s not just Abbie that he wants. He wants Taylor, too.

After a visit with Ellen, who allowed him to be brutalized as a child, Greg comes undone. His obsession drives him to abduct Abbie and Taylor, taking them on a five-state crime spree, desperate to flee from multiple law enforcement agencies. 

As Abbie struggles with her convictions, her emotions, and her overwhelming need to protect Taylor, the body count rises! What will she do? 
You can see my author page at Kitten K. Jackson, Author.

The sequel, KEEPING SECRETS III: GENERATIONAL CURSES, is now available in ebook at all major ebook distributors, including and KSIII is also available in paperback on

WARNING: Contains adult subject matter that some may find disturbing, including domestic violence and sexual battery. This is a very dark story about survival–two damaged souls who find love after both being abused. 

“I couldn’t let a little thing like dying keep me away from Abbie. She’s my soulmate, and I intended to keep it that way. When I told her I would never let her go, I meant it.” 
— Greg
“His eyes met mine, and I could see his pain. I tried to imagine what he was feeling, loving me so much and not being able to be with me due to the fact that I didn’t want him, because he was dead. But I did want him. I just didn’t want him like that. However, my heart and my body didn’t get the message.” 
— Abbie
Yes, Greg is back! But this time, the tables have turned. There’s a new villain in town, and her name is Sarah. She has emerged from a watery grave, and she’s hellbent on having Greg for herself, even if it means killing Abbie. 
How many will have to die in this dark tale of twisted, everlasting love?

FOREVER CAMDEN is my first erotic vampire romance, and it’s scorching hot! 

“I would never have chosen to depend upon the taking of blood for my very existence. What a profane act we perpetrate. I find the thought repulsive and simultaneously intoxicating. But no matter how vile I find the practice, the craving is akin to an addict’s dire compulsion for his drug of choice, though much more intense. It cannot be completely controlled.”

Those are the words of Camden Garrett. He was turned on the night he proposed to Karina Sinclaire, the woman who controlled him with a loving, yet intense, discipline, in 1910. After sunset the following day, he drank human blood for the first time and then went to end his engagement and tell Karina he had to leave without her. That decision led to a tragedy of epic proportions that would haunt him for the rest of his unnatural life.

Just over a hundred years after that fateful night, with his mind still set to avoid ever caring for another woman, Camden meets Melanie Caine. Something intangible about her reminds him of Karina, and he’s drawn to her. He’s overwhelmed with emotions, and he fights them with all the strength he possesses, because of a desperate need to protect her… from himself. 

His biggest fear is making the same mistake he made at the Sinclaire estate so long ago. Will history repeat itself? Will Camden’s fear prove valid? Is he capable of containing his all-consuming lust for Melanie’s body and her blood? 

“You are vampire. Drink blood, or you will die.”

THE COMING DARKNESS  is the continuation of the story of Cam Garrett and Melanie Caine.

After narrowly escaping Cam’s murderous wrath for what he did to Melanie, the devious Michael has fled, so instead of worrying about his insidious intentions, Cam and Melanie have an opportunity to focus on their romance… or do they? 

The chance meeting with a vampire from Cam’s past provides Michael the perfect opportunity to make another play for Melanie. Though Michael’s plan of betrayal implodes, Cam’s unintentional impropriety causes Melanie to seek retribution in the only way she knows how. 

Will Cam’s shattered heart survive Melanie’s plot for vengeance? Can their love overcome a pain so great that it sends one of them over the edge? 

A vampire without humanity is lethal and unrelenting. 

The darkness has come.